When it comes to the design and construction of a new opthamologist office or the renovation of an existing ophthalmology practice, there are many important things to consider.

While comfort should be top of mind when it comes to patients, opthamologists also need to address functionality as well. Few medical office design companies achieve this balance with as much ease and sophistication as ACOA, Ltd. Construction Company.

Discover why we’re widely considered the number one choice for ophthalmology office design in Chicago and surrounding areas:

Specialization in Ophthalmology Offices

Due to the nature of ophthalmology practices, a specialized form of design is required, and ACOA, Ltd, has the resources and experience to deliver exactly that. An office that is both visually attractive and comforting or reassuring to patients is the aim - particularly when it comes to common areas. It takes decades of experience to understand the nuances of design for this particular medical practice.

Experience in Exceptional Medical Office Design

The medical office designers at ACOA, Ltd. have worked with ophthalmologists, dentists and physicians on office build-out’s for over two decades. We understand what is required to create a space that is both beautiful and functional for you, your staff and the patients of your practice. Every member of the ACOA team is highly trained with years of hands-on experience, and uses the latest industry technology to ensure your office is on the cutting edge.

A Full-Service Approach to Medical Office Design

ACOA, Ltd. is more than just a designer of your medical office, and more than just the company responsible for doing the actual build of your new or renovated practice space. The Team at ACOA, Ltd. team works with you during the architecture and planning stage through to the actual build and interior design. What results is a custom ophthalmology office that actually represents you and serves its clients as intended.

Custom Craftsmanship for Your Ophthalmology Office

To differentiate your ophthalmology practice from others in the region, it is necessary to showcase the unique style of the practice and to do so within the budget. At ACOA, Ltd., your satisfaction is our primary concern so we’re available for thorough consultations and look forward to working closely with you to discuss preferences and specifications.

ACOA, Ltd. is known across the Chicago area for its work on design and construction of opthamologist and other medical office projects. Review the services we can provide for your ophthalmology practice or explore the construction build-out’s we’ve done on other medical office design projects.

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